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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim GAME MOD Climates Of Tamriel

Frostfall adds a simple ‘exposure’ meter and random bouts of bad weather, like blizzards. In heavy snow you will get cold very fast, penalising you with lower stamina and health regeneration. Some parts of the map will be colder than others (the mountain of High Hrothgar and the Northern Coast are devastatingly freezing) but even in Skyrim’s milder climates the cold still bites when it rains. Rain will make you wet, causing the cold to gnaw away at you even faster. Falling into icy water leads to a crazy Bear Grylls style scramble to get a fire going, as the cold starts to sap you of all energy.

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I love Frostfall. In the colder areas entering water brings some severe penalties, so Frostfall actually changes the way you travel the land. You don’t want to take shortcuts through the water anymore if possible.

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ELFX also works well with an excellent mod called ‘Immersive NPC in the dark’ which makes NPCs not all have nightvision goggles. Such radical ideas these modders have!

The best one I’ve found is iNeed – Food Water and Sleep. It doesn’t go to the IMCN level of protein vs nutrients vs total calories, it just monitors food and water and sleep. That makes it feel more natural to me: if I want to RP in depth, I can have a look at what food I’m carrying and debate whether I feel like some apple cabbage stew for dinner, or whether I’d rather have some bread and eidar cheese with roast venison.

Опциональный аддон:
Winter Edition - Зимний Скайрим:
- Climates Of Tamriel - Winter Edition - этот аддон сделает Скайрим снежным и суровым (по желанию)

Unfortunately (I am told), quite a few things about the combat are hard-coded, so it’s proven hard to do a great deal with. I tried several and none of them ever quite felt right. The one I settled on is probably the most ambitious, but it’s also got a several-second lag in some fights, which is fairly dreadful. Also its creator comes across as a bit of a prick quite often, so I’m loathe to recommend it.

Skyrim Unbound offers the same sort of deal as Live Another Life but with a bit more customisation. You can turn dragons on from the beginning while turning off soul absorption and Shouty Walls, effectively removing the main quest altogether, while still keeping dragons as an enemy. Technically speaking, these aren’t really ‘survival’ mods but it does help lend the game a survivalist slant if you are just some shmuck shipwrecked on the rocky shores outside Solitude, as opposed to the all-powerful prophecy-bastard of legend.

What I want from a survival mod is a reason to use all of Skyrim’s features: cooking and sleeping are fine, but I don’t see a major need to do them in vanilla Skyrim. Particularly cooking – what does food really offer me over (much lighter) health potions? So I want a mod that gives me an incentive to do all that stuff.

Just checking in to make sure it’s still cool to pretend that objectively good things are totally lame and claim that they have the exact opposite features that they do have. One of the indisputably best open world games of all time is too repetitive? Man, I gotta remember that one next time I’m at a party. Better make sure I wear my sunglasses too so everyone knows that they are in danger of freezing solid from my coolness.

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