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Скачать мод для minecraft 1.7.10 на клонов
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Clone Land mod

Realistic flight in Minecraft has never really been implemented. Even the elytra doesn't take into account true aerodynamics. Minecraft Flight Simulator aims to change all this

[] Sync Mod Installer! (Clone yourself Mod!)

The other items are mostly just for dressing up your npc or for quests. Some of them actually work for players, but I didnt want to put too much time in them so most of them are pretty simple. Watch the video for most of the items.

Sync — Minecraft Wiki

This mod adds multiple features of Star Wars into minecraft. This mod can be used as an addon to any other Star Wars mod. This adds new characters and awesome weapons from the Star Wars universe! It has General Grievous, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Luke, Captain Rex, and more! This has clone trooper blasters and combat swords. This mod was made using MCreator. I recommend using it. Here is the link: https://

Minecraft gets a brand new Jaws Shark Mod! Minecraft Shark Mod has a ton of different fish but this update adds in over 9 different sharks to minecraft! Watch out for Shark Attacks

Alongside NPCs and the quests, you can also add a multitude of stuff in Custom NPCs Mod, which includes things such as new weapons like daggers, spears, tridents, glaives, maces, battle axes and so on. This is also a mode where you can use bullets, machine guns and a wide range of other items you will like for sure.

This wiki is a free resource and it's purpose is to help you use and understand the mod 'CloneCraft', designed and coded by Jamezo97.

A Quick Note:
This mod is buggy. I had to rush it out because of other commitments. Use at your own risk (as it says below anyway), and be careful when modifying entity genes, as that it the buggiest part, especially when you mutate yourself. Expect wierd , and the Aggressive gene doesn't work. well, next update Oh, and one last thing, probably not the greatest idea to enable debug mode in your config file, as some words in chat will cause things to think, 'retard' makes you spazz out for a few seconds polygon x r creates a flat shape with x attempts at placing a block, and y radius. 'sphere r' makes a wierd sphere, and strike causing lightning to yeah, be careful.

Terms and Conditions:

Bro, no matter how many times i re download this on different websites it keeps screwing up the visuals every time I change the color for a model. in fact, I cant even change the color for a model without it doing some crazy shit. Tell me why this happens every time I download it pls.

Adventurer's Amulets uses the Baubles API, written by Azanor, to add a bunch of helpful items and utilities that can all be equipped via the Baubles Inventory.

ClothingCraft allows you to make customized, colored clothing that looks realistic and is a great new addition to your Minecraft world/server.

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