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Скачать мод для minecraft 1.6 4 craftguide
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CraftGuide Mod for Minecraft and

CraftGuide has an API, allowing other mods to provide additional recipes among other things, as well as built-in support for displaying some mods' recipes. Additional built-in mod support or assistance using the API will generally be provided upon request from the current author of the mod in question. User-requested mod support is occasionally implemented after consulting with that mod's author(s).

[] CraftGuide Mod Download | Minecraft Forum

For those that want a craft guide similarity (not hating on the mod or the author or anything). Here is an alternative if you want a or so experience of a book for recipes like craftguide instead of NEI or JEI:

Overview - CraftGuide - Mods - Projects - Minecraft CurseForge

Downloaded this guide with a few other mods and cannot seem to use it. Is there anything I should know about the command keys?

Pueden craftear el libro del craftguide pero tambien apretan la tecla “G” y les aparecen todos los crafteos, al fin este mod en Minecrafteo los amo

When you first open the book (by right clicking) you will see a page of everything you can craft in Minecraft. But you can then select a block and filter your search by that certain block, say for example you want to see what you can craft with gold. Simply filter by gold and you can see all the recipes.

I'm not sure if I can advertise.. But since there's no craft guide for - I found this mod called ConvenientRecipes http:///forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/7689689-convenient-recipes-6-6-a-simple-recipe-mod-for-mc

The system doesn't know if that will actually produce a recipe, it's just something to display to the end user, like a visual notepad. I see that being most useful in cases where mods don't or can't support normal recipe-displaying mods, such as Brewing-API and mods using it.

I really wish mods like these had included an OPS option for a check box to easily disable recipes. Would this be a future possibility here?

CraftGuide y es uno de esos mods que te harán la vida más fácil en Minecraft y que puede ser de gran ayuda tanto para los experimentados en Minecraft que no recuerdan ciertas recetas del juego, como para aquellos que recién empiezan y no conocen las recetas para crear nuevos objetos.

Other useful features include small recipes as well as shapeless recipes having a visually distinct bsckground. Additionally, you can click on an item in a recipe to filter the displayed recipes so that only ones that require or produce that item will be shown (In this case, books). Use the clear button to go back to seeing them all.

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