Elly Nowell: Girl who rejected Oxford may be full of herself but she's

03.02.2018 14:10

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But this is because the private sector, with all its unfair advantages, does a better job of preparing pupils for universities — which is why many parents who want the best for their children make huge sacrifices to pay the school fees.


Your students may also be thinking to themselves, We should just focus on using tactics that make us the market leader in the coming rounds since the game is finite. While the latter may be true, the main objective in Cesim business simulations is achieving a sustainable profitable growth. Growth that is built on a strategy that does not undermine the future of the company for short term gains, the best indicator of which is cumulative total shareholder return. So the second advice you might want to give your students is to think of their simulated business as a real entity, and make decisions with the future prospects in mind.

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And as far as my own reaction is concerned, Elly’s letter succeeds in its clear, primary purpose, which is to raise a smile.

To judge by most of yesterday’s comments on Mail Online, I’m going to make myself very unpopular with readers when I say I like the sound of Elly Nowell. Indeed, I’ll go further and admit that if I were in charge of admissions at Magdalen College, Oxford, I’d plead with her to change her mind.

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Did this article help you tackle the questions from students about strategies needed to win a business game? What have you been telling your students when they asked you? Let us know!

Of course, Elly is right to suggest that a disproportionate number of students from private schools get into Oxbridge. At Cambridge, they make up about 95 per cent of the student body, while only 68 per cent of sixth-formers go to fee-paying schools.

But since business management games aim to teach participants how to successfully run a company, it is important to point out that albeit there are no definite strategies to guarantee winning the business game, there are a number of basic tenets any good managers should follow when doing business:

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