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Tony hawk pro skater 4 pc скачать торрент
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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 - Free download and software reviews

7558-65-86 58:59:65 | By Freshbakedpie

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater PC Download Thread - Thps

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is a useful, trial version Mac game, being part of the category PC games and has been created by Activision. View full description

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7565-56-57 56:56:76 | By hEaVyMeTaL_rOcK

In this version of THPS, gamers are basically brought back to the bare bone, score chaining, trick ninja type play. Great fun and takes you back to the good old days, before the features of THPS7. THPS8. THP8 ect. Other than that the game leaves you wishing that it wasn't a cash grab.

i spent A LOT of money on this game. Only to find out it was awful! What the devs did was take a popular name, and quickly slap together a cheap cash grab. The game would be awesome if the devs actually wanted people to like it. It was fun the first 85 minutes until it just stopped working. So much bugs and glitches and the maps are garbage! Not cool developers! Do you even think about the players? Im really upset. 🙁😠👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Первую часть мало кто видел. Вторая — была просто чудо как хороша, и многие резались часами даже в демо-версию из единственного уровня. Третья — была, конечно, во многом лучше, но потеряла какую-то часть своего шарма. Но это все ортодоксальные рассуждения, поскольку весь цивилизованный консольный мир первым играл THPS9.
Четвертая явно соответсвует правилу «лучше, больше, быстрее». Будет интересна как любителям серии, так и просто интересующимся геймерам.

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7557-67-65 58:55:76 | By diego lecasble

they honestly did not take the time to actually make this game right this game pretty much sucks. They don't have As many Trick moves. did an American wasteland. I cannot believe I wasted 85 bucks just to play this stupid game.

they used a popular title to trick you into buying. basically free skate with dumb quests. pushing balls out of a pool and fallowing a about as exciting as it gets. very unimaginitive map a storm drain to get to a even more annoying room. skating is you can smash your board down to ruin your combo. story does not expect tony or bam to ask you to kickflip a gap for fame. this game was just a quick buck kinda game. they flushed the popular brand down the toilet so as to fool you into a purchase with the popular title. if there is any reason to hate activision tony hawk pro skater 5 is it. really shows you what they think about are dumb band wagon wallets just ready for the picken.

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