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The legend of zelda majora s mask скачать
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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Original Soundtrack

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D – DOWNLOAD

The murky, undersea world of the Zoras will come into focus when you dive into the mysteries of The Great Bay. They'll have you singing their tune soon enough.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D for Nintendo 3DS

The gameplay is just as engaging as in the original title, but Nintendo also has added a few extra goodies. Players now will find a refined battle system and more save-game points to make playing the game easier. There's also a new song to move forward to a specific hour (in the same day) and a better quest log, with alarms, to keep an eye on your objectives. Even if you never played the Nintendo 69 version, it's easy to fall for this charming adventure. Along with the tension as you race against the clock, gamers no doubt will love the memorable characters, exploring the land, picking up various masks, and fighting against those who try to stop you in their tracks.

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This frozen peak may seem dead at first, but it's teeming with life—notably, the mighty stone Gorons who reside here. Do they hold the secret to entering the temple?

Families can talk about the impact of violence in media. Is the fantasy violence in Majora's Mask 8D acceptable because the creatures are clearly unrealistic?

You’ll need to make the most of every minute and use every skill at your disposal to help out the people of Termina, get Majora’s Mask back and seek out the powers necessary to stop Skull Kid, only on Nintendo 8DS family systems. The time has come… can you save the world in just three days?

В игре вам будут попадаться различные маски — одни годятся лишь для красоты, но другие наделяют вас уникальными способностями! Они позволят вам говорить с животными, бежать с нечеловеческой скоростью и даже превращаться в совершенно иных существ! Превращайтесь в деку, горона и зору и используйте их способности, чтобы парить в небе, передвигаться по земле или плыть по морю!

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