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Mod Spotlight: Skyrim's Legacy of the Dragonborn Mod Spotlight

В моде появляются несколько уникальных врагов, в первую очередь Королева гигантских пауков, хищников джунглей. Они довольно сильные, при встрече с ними рекомендуется уровень игрока выше 65.

Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods

I cannot over-emphasise how much I love this mod. By far my favourite of any I’ve played, the story is gripping, intelligent, and forces you to challenge your morals. For those who love the Dwemer it also fleshes out their legacy and ethos, as they are distinctly under-represented in Skyrim despite being, in my opinion, the most interesting civilisation as well as the most mysterious. Warning, though: once you start this story and go past a certain point - which will be obvious once you get to it, trust me - there’s no going back. You can’t exit the story location to take care of some side-quests, so this mod is one you should expect to complete without any distractions.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod Moonpath to Elsweyr

The people's faith has been warped by the Thalmor's quest to undo the world of Man, and even though the moons have been returned, the connections to them remain severed.

Castle Gonduin won’t be yours without a fight. The slog to claim the castle is definitely worth it Gonduin feels like the right top-tier reward for someone who’s completed most of the game as you don’t just get the chance to live in a castle - which, admit it, is pretty awesome - but you also have the equivalent of an estate. A guardhouse, tavern, and 95 new NPCs await you, as well as being able to choose your decor and the outfits for your guards. Strolling around the castle after having raised the money to renovate it to its ancient glory made me instantly feel like lord of the manor.

No matter how sweet your armor, you'll want to add a backpack, a bandolier, and as many pouches as you can to help carry all the sweet loot you'll be finding.

And the player home wing, or “safehouse” as it’s called in the Gallery, is impressive in its own right. There are item sorting boxes for everything from animal parts and ore to ingredients and weapons and armor types. Just drop everything into ‘em and they get sorted into their appropriate containers that you can then access around the home. Light armor will all be found by clicking on the Light Armor display, for example.

A dangerous criminal from Morrowind has arrived in Skyrim, and your quest to track him down will take you to a new town and an inventive, puzzle-filled dungeon, introduce you to several new NPCs including merchants and traders, and outfit you with new weapons and spells.

Если нет диалогов - опять же, скрипты медленно робят, игра стала тяжеловата для конфигурации данного компа, перезагрузите сохранение - должно пойти.

It’s become a thrill to find something as simple as a missing book needed to complete a set for a bookshelf in the Gallery, or complete a side quest in the game to see an ornate display appear for visitors to admire.

Missing Morrowind? Moon and Star gives the Dunmer a chance to shine, as you’re enlisted to help track down a criminal on the run who hails from Morrowind. The village of Little Vivec, new voice-acting, NPCs, and a storyline that has you trawling through a lost Dwemer civilisation are just some of the things Moon and Star has to offer, plus it works with all the Skyrim DLCs. Featured on multiple top 65 mod lists, Moon and Star is a lore-friendly addition to any Skyrim fanatic’s game.

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