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03.02.2018 11:19

Скачать мод для майнкрафт 1.7.10 на туалет
«Скачать мод для майнкрафт 1.7.10 на туалет» в картинках.

Jammy Furniture Mod — Minecraft Wiki

All my source : https:///GollumTeam
And for Zuxelus : https:///GollumTeam/JammyFurniture-Zuxelus-compatibility

Mod Details

Красная пыль +
Красная шерсть +
Светло-синяя шерсть +
Оранжевая шерсть +
Лаймовая шерсть +
Камень +
Светопыль +

Jammy Furniture [Build Smeagol] for , and

This should fix a rendering crash a number of folks are having. Hopefully this update takes care of it. I also tweaked the reading enchantment stats a little.

Do you have a GitHub repo for the mod?

(I'm a little nervous about replacing my currently 99%-working Zuxelus version, with your version, without knowing you're going to be around to support the mod, and continue to develop it… that's why I'm asking so many questions )

I just updated BiblioCraft for Minecraft and fixed a couple of bugs that game up. I fixed a crash with the reading glasses and I added back the enchanted atlas recipe. I still plan to readd the enchanted atlas as a json based recipe in the near future, but I hardcoded it back in for now.

Add furniture, storage or decoration to Minecraft. Jammy Funiture will
allow you to decorate your home or your castles. Watch TV or turn on the
radio. Repair your armor in the dishwasher…

Head on over to the downloads page to grab the new BiblioCraft and head over to BiblioWoods addon page to grab the new BiblioWoods. You can also find all this stuff on CurseForge as well. If you have any comments, questions, or issues feel free to speak out here in the comments, on the minecraft forum, or on my github. Enjoy!

Вы попали в раздел где можно Скачать Моды для Майнкрафт версии это одна из самых качественный и популярных версий игры что существует на данный момент. Чем же популярна данная версия среди игроков и фанатов Minecraft это количество и разнообразие модов к которая стала отличной и самой качественной базой для мододелов ведь это была самая технологическая версия на тот момент которая использовалась очень долгое время до выхода следующей версии то время пока разработчики выпустили новую версию запала в души всем игрокам и мододелам, было создано много культовых модов таких как Industrialcraft и BuildCraft из-за которых большинство и не хочет переходить на более новые версии из-за отсутствия этим модификаций к ним.

Next I plan to work on updating to Minecraft . At first look I have a bit under 855 errors or so to fix. With college running full tilt right now I cannot make any promises as to when I might get it done, but I will definitely work on it as I have time.

Minecraft introduced a new recipe system which now uses json files that can easily be edited by anyone. From what I understand, Minecraft will introduce data-packs which are essentially resource packs that support a bunch more types of thing, such as recipes. So this was the first big step toward that and all the recipes in BiblioCraft are now in the new json format. Forge is still in the process of making back-end changes to better support all this new stuff. Some of the changes proposed in forge are expected to break current compatibility, so that is why I expect some things to break in the future. But as that happens I plan to try to stay on top of updating to support forge as it goes through changes.

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