Jailbreak: OS X El Capitan Download (Direct + Torrent)

03.02.2018 13:36

Mac os x el capitan iso скачать торрент
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Загрузочная флешка OS X El Capitan

Warning: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage or information loss that could result from following this guide. Also, note that installing OS X on PC is illegal. Please buy a real Mac if you're satisfied with your Hackintosh. This guide is for evaluation purposes only.

Download OS X Capitan on a PC - Mac OS X - Apple

Hey, I tried playing a mp9 video file on this mac os x el captain in vmware. only sound is playing. no video. But when i tried to play that in quick time player, it works perfectly fine.

Download OS X El Capitan Combo Update

can someone please give me instructions to make bootable usb from vmware, coz i dont have a mac to do that using unibeast.

I followed the instructions without any problems but when I start the machine it gets me the “Boot Manager”.
Please advise on how I should proceed from here.

Note: Don’t start the virtual machine before the installation completes successfully otherwise the virtual machine installation will be failed then you have to do the steps from the first.

Основное, что потребуется для описываемых ниже действий — флешка размером не менее 8 гигабайт, отформатированная для Mac (будет описано, как это сделать), права администратора в OS X и возможность загрузить установку El Capitan из App Store.

I have a problem running this vm, i have done all the steps correctly yet it keeps saying operating system not found, i have also made sure that Intel – V is enabled in the BIOS, any help ??

After following your steps and installing it everything was fine. A week later it would crash at start up and show a weird corrupt scree as you can see here:

Most Macs built in the past few years have boot rom so you can recover via internet even with a blank hard drive. During boot up, hold down Command R

Следующее действие — зайти в App Store, найти там OS X El Capitan и нажать «Загрузить», после чего ожидать завершения загрузки. Общий размер составляет около 6 гигабайт.

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