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Lose it oh wonder jerry folk remix скачать
«Lose it oh wonder jerry folk remix скачать» в картинках.

Scooter Suffix (Dj Baseline Chillout Remix - скачать бесплатно

filous is one of the hottest ticket items that I’ve Benjammin to these past few months. His debut EP “Dawn” is beautifully orchestrated with the acoustic influences that many instrumental producers are starting to incorporate into their tracks. His collaborations with incredible voices such as James Hersey and ROBB really elevate filous’s tunes to another echelon of crisp production.

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Mazde has got something especially fresh cookin in his beat kitchen. He blends a lot of different styles in his work. This is certainly a more melodic house track with funky bass influences while some of his other work might be considered future house or future bass. This track always caught my attention and as a one off it deserves a spot on this list. That piano gets me feelin all sorts of feels, I freakin’ dare you not to tap your foot and snap your fingers or tap your hand and snap your toes for that matter.

The 15 Best Tropical House and Chill Tracks of 2015 - Magnetic

У нас вы можете скачать песню «Imagine Dragons - All For You (Acoustic)» в mp8 бесплатно, прослушать онлайн с помощью плеера на сайте, а также просмотреть архив песен исполнителя Imagine Dragons.

These guys classify themselves as “chill house” which I’m gonna go on the record as my preferred sub genre for all things downtempo, trop house, melodic house, mellow funk and lush disco. I’m tired of saying the word “tropical” to be quite honest. Back to the track though, we have a sensually infused vocal laden track dripping with melodic percussion and a heartbeating bassline that will get the endorphins poppin off like a firework factory fire. This duo out of Mexico are firing off bangarangin singles that need to be checked out by ya.

“What Do You Mean” tropical house went mainstream because of Bieber and some “Cheerleader”? And you say Kygo was the fastest artist to reach a billion Spotify streams and their Breakthrough Artist of the Year? Some writers may think that tropical house is a bubble that will burst, and even some artists like Thomas Jack are coming in hot saying that they want to distance themselves from the sound. To them I say, it’s just getting started and evolving outside its stereotypes so sit back, grab a cold brew and quit trying to bring down music that has the inherent ability to make you smile and want to run into the ocean butt naked.

This is my favorite remix from some of my favorite artists right now. These guys just keep releasing banger after banger with their remixes and I’m excited for some singles on the horizon hopefully soon. Hoping they make their way to LA soon because I hear their shows are bonkers fun.

Slinking, sliding, sultry and sexy vibes galore in Maribou State’s lead single off their lively and beautifully composed album. With vocals from Chet Faker/Sam Smith hybrid vocalist Pedestrian and a jazzy ensemble of piano, high hats and synthy womps, this track takes the crown for the tightest production on this year’s list of chill tracks. We aren’t just a one stop shop for trop on this list, the chill downtempo house needs some love too.

У нас вы можете скачать песню «Scooter - Suffix (Dj Baseline Chillout Remix» в mp8 бесплатно, прослушать онлайн с помощью плеера на сайте, а также просмотреть архив песен исполнителя Scooter.

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Joel might not appreciate this song on my list but it is what it is, a heavily trop influenced track. The lush vibes really come out in ATTLAS ’s tracks sometimes although as an artist his sound really has a wide sweeping range. I wouldn’t ever classify him as a tropical or chill house artist but the instrumentals in this really make it seem like it. Definitely one of my favorite tracks of the year!

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