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Скачать мод на minecraft 1.5.2 на мутантов
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Mutant Creatures Mod adds many different creatures that are buffed up versions of Minecraft’s original mobs! These mini-bosses bring greater challenges for the players, but along with that greater rewards. Each mob drops a special item that the player can use to his or her advantage.

Mutant Bugs Mod Installer for Minecraft

Этот моб неповоротлив и его легко убить даже каменным мечом. Чтобы убить его, потребуется огниво, сделайте следующее: когда он ложится на землю, подожгите его тело, тем самым убивая. Если не поджечь, то он воскреснет и будет с новой силой сражаться с игроком, на четвёртый раз исчезает сам. Также если его убить без огнива в Творчестве, он атакует игрока.

Mutant Creatures Mod para Minecraft y | MineCrafteo

When he dies, he sucks all mobs and entities (in a 66 block radius, larger if charged) towards him and then, after 8 seconds, deals an explosion similar in radius to the withers initial explosion, dealing up to 675 ( × ) damage to things right next him, and 75 ( × ) to anything not right next to him in the radius. Charged ones deal 55% extra damage and have a larger radius. This final attack quite often is enough to finish the player in a single blow, but you can escape if you quickly sprint out of the radius. Jumping will only seal your as seen on the previous section the death explosion hurt other mutant creepers it might cause a chain reaction of explosions, most likely killing you.

This is a very neat mod that adds a whole new dynamic to mobs in Minecraft. It allows for rare but random spawns of mutated mobs. To spawn one manually this mod also adds a new potion, Chemical X, which when thrown at a mob will either mutate or kill it.

Примечание: В отличие от Жемчуга Края, телепортирующего в точку попадания снаряда, рука, направленная, например, на стенку телепортирует игрока выше точки прицела в свободное от твердых блоков пространство. Эта своеобразная корректировка имеет ограничения, и у Вас не получится выбраться из глубокой пещеры вышеперечисленным способом.

The mutant zombie can smash the ground as it's normal attack. It will make a grunt sound, then slam it's fists onto the ground, creating a shock-wave that can reach up to 5 blocks away, aimed towards whatever entity the mutant zombie is attacking. If it hits you, it will hurt you,dealing up to 79 ( × 67) HP. It also has a 75% chance of inflicting hunger on you.

When you kill this Mutant, its bones will be flung apart, which can hurt you if one hits you. If you are still alive after that is over, congratulations! Victory is yours!

Like Endermen, the Mutant Enderman is a seemingly harmless, neutral mob that will usually not attack you until you look at it. Once you stare at it, it will stare right back at you, make a shorter stare sound, grow its 7 other arms, and wait for you to make a move. Once you look away from it, or if the stare sound ends, it will teleport you closer to itself, give you Blindness, and start its attack. It will also start attacking you if it sees you wearing a pumpkin, when it's raining (in survival), or rarely at random if you stand too close to it. Anything that attacks them will cause the mutant enderman to contrary to a normal enderman if you wear a pumpkin on your face it will go after you no matter what(even if you don't look at it).

With a lot of interesting features and an exciting new way of sprucing up the Minecraft world in ways unlike none seen before, it is definitely one of the best experiences you can find in Minecraft, especially if you are looking for more powerful bosses.

This tactic just sounds like a way for the Mutant Enderman to evade your attacks, but not all is as it seems with this monster. In one way, it is, and is often used to escape projectiles, water or fire like a normal Enderman. In another way, it's an effective offensive weapon. When the Mutant teleports, it emits its ender-soul, which will deal knockback and 9 ( ) hearts of damage to all entities around it in a 5 block radius, and possibly give the Blindness.

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