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03.02.2018 11:49

Скачать мод на майнкрафт 1.7.10 на mantle
«Скачать мод на майнкрафт 1.7.10 на mantle» в картинках.

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I occasionally make textures/models for random people. Contributed to: Tinker's Construct, Growthcraft, and Animals+

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I just got into modding and I’m trying to enjoy the Tinkers I saw in all my youtuber’s videos and it keeps crashing when I try to break the tool station, crafting station, etc. Is there a fix? and if not, update the mod. Fix it please!

Mantle Mod / (Shared code for Forge Mods) - 9Minecraft

It can provide you liberty to store tools and modify, whenever you require them. The tools provide you luxury to rename them according to your will. After created they will remain in your inventory forever and you don’t have to find it again and again. The mod is light weight and easy to use as well.

Chroma Hills Resource Pack
Misa’s Realistic
JohnSmith Legacy

If you know what you are looking for specifically, you can search for it in the Search box above. If not, however, you can use these quick-access links to reach different categories that can help you narrow down the item you are looking for.

Tinkers' Mechworks
Iguanas Tinker Tweaks
Extra TiC - Metallurgy support
TiC Tooltips

Special Compatibility in other mods
Ex Aliquo - Ex Nihilo
Thaumic Integration - Thaumcraft 9

Texture Pack Additions
Sphax BDCraft

Older versions and changelogs can be found in the old forum thread.

Changelog for .

Mantle Mod contains shared code for Forge mods and is used by the Slime Knights. Descriptive book code and common inventories are found here.

And that’s all there is to it! There’s a lot of depth in the system, and most things are documented in-game. The recipes that are not documented yet are here:

So the in game documentation has been reworked but I still have to google the slimy modifier to find out WTF it does. Great…

i keep making the same mistake, i think oh, i've given them a few months, surely it'll be fixed by now THAT is why i seem to ALWAYS be angry to some of you, my advice is to get the lead out.

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