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03.02.2018 11:00

Скачать мод на динамиты на майнкрафт 1.7.2
«Скачать мод на динамиты на майнкрафт 1.7.2» в картинках.

EyePod Mod Installer for Minecraft

This tnt is the biggest one in the whole mod. It requires a minimum of 66GB of ram to do the explosion. On complicated maps or sand maps (sand is weaker and the computer is required to render probably a 8X bigger hole), it can take explosion will destroy all blocks in the blast radius. It will destroy obsidian and bedrock.

Скачать моды для Minecraft версии

This is similar to the regular mob tnt, except that it spawns a LOT of random : another fine example of my expert drawing skills.

Too Much TNT Mod / (TNT from the Gods)

Most TNTs get a weaker throwable version. TNTs such as the houses don’t get a dynamite. Right click to throw it. Crafting Recipes is as easy as placing preferred TNT into work bench.

Watson is a Minecraft mod that displays LogBlock (and to a limited extent Prism and CoreProtect) logs in 8-D. It also has some features to make moderation tasks, such as observing chat and managing screenshots, a little easier.

A highly customisable flymod which includes 8 diffent flight modes, 7 adjustable speeds and fine-tunable settings like momentum and strafe-rate. Also includes sprint-mod, allowing you to run and jump around like a maniac, and FullBright, a gamma boost that lights up even the darkest of places.

Improves rendering of clouds so that clouds are translucent when viewed from below as well as from above. Prevents the top of tall mountains from being obscured by clouds.

The Super TNT Mod adds in tons of epic explosives! This mod also adds in a large variety of TNT that causes tons of destruction. It also includes some unique kinds that can spawn mobs, create oceans, delete water, and much more!

Attention ce mod est gourmand en ressource, il est donc conseillé d’avoir un PC assez performant pour pouvoir faire tourner le mod sans dificulté. Installer OptiFine est une bonne solution pour améliorer vos performances.

Take control of your Minecraft client. Bind keys to commands and automate simple or complex tasks. Design your own heads-up display and create your own interactive menus in-game quickly and easily. Perfect for use with WorldEdit, MCMMO, server administration, or trolling your friends. Plus it dispenses free cake.

is this mod server compatible? i try to place a tnt block but it disappears and removes the block from my hotbar. im useing the version

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