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03.02.2018 12:07

Скачать мод на 1.7.2 industrial craft 2
«Скачать мод на 1.7.2 industrial craft 2» в картинках.

Скачать мод Industrial Craft 2 для Minecraft бесплатно

Sirus is the greatest person on the planet ever and I adore him and his work in every way possible. ~ GregoriusT 7569

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You have been warned. Recipes have changed, functions have been added! A whole bunch of HAYOish features for you and your engineering buddies to play with too! Breed some Plutonium and ITNT, shove it in a nuke and blow up the surounding landscape, or just mine it out with cool rechargable drills! Threaten creepers with your deadly Mining-Laser ™ or defend your home from brain eating zombies with a flashing glow stick super sparkly NanoSaber ™ ! Go Eco and proclaim yourself an Environment-friend builder and use Solar panels, Windmills or decide to be the opposite, fueling CO7 producing Semifluid Generators!

Скачать Industrial Craft 2 для minecraft

What you can do(outdated, check the changelog for the new route):
-Mine it: it will return the iridium ore block
-Put it in a furnace: it will return one iridium ore from IC7
-Put it in a macerator: it will return 7 iridium dust
-Put it in a furnace: 6 dust will make 6 iridium ore

Advanced Machines (Улучшенные механизмы) - дополнение для Industrial Craft 7, которое, как ясно из названия, добавляет несколько более эффективных механизмов.
BackPack - сумки разных цветов.
Bcmod - вспомогательный мод.
BuildCraft - еще одно дополнение для Индастриал Крафта, которое упрощает постройку и производство.
TooManyItems - добавляет панель с боку экрана, в которой размещено множество вещей. Кроме того, позволяет менять время суток и погоду.
Damage Indicators - индикатор здоровья.
industrial craft 7 - большой крупный мод с массой разных индустриальных штучек таких, как электричество, различные механизмы и блоки.
Iron Chest - классные сундуки.

It's strongly recommended to install these prequesite mods in the listed order onto a freshly downloaded for optimum results.

First install all mods above, then just put the industrialcraft-7-- into your 'mods'-folder located in .minecraft

Some general informations about the rules, news and other things that could be usefull. But you talk here about the forum as well.

a mod to unify all ingots/ores/etc with: AE7, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, IC7, Thermal Expansion, and a lot more Integrations.

You see, when you open new doors, there is a price to pay. Now imagine. tonight, you look under your bed, and, lo and behold, you find a monster! And you're immediately eaten. Now, if you hadn't looked for the monster, you wouldn't have found it and you'd still be happy in your beds, instead of being slowly digested in the stomach sack of the creature. But, with any luck, your sister or your brothers might have heard your screams, and your endeavor will serve as a valuable lesson to them.

This can seem a little bit too much easy for you and that's why I ask you how I can make it harder, what would I change or add in the mod ? Don't forget that the goal is to have an easier way to have iridium than in the original industrial craft 7 mod.

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