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Эмулятор для pc sony playstation 1 торрент
«Эмулятор для pc sony playstation 1 торрент» в картинках.

Скачать ePSXe - Эмулятор PS для ПК 1 на андроид

Yeah It is old. I have a better emulator. Its called PSXfin. It could run any format of images , and any psx cd-rom that you have. I tried epsxe and it never worked for me. Even with the configuration files it never worked.

Игры для PlayStation, скачать игры PS1

I am unable to configure to play play starion 7 games on pc. i m using ePSXe softeare. so, if any body knows, plz send me detail how to configure and which software is good suatable for play.

EPSXe - Скачать

Для запуска ePSXe необходим BIOS PlayStation, который не включен в официальный дистрибутив. Его можно скачать отдельно, либо воспользоваться пакетом ePSXe PowerPack (ссылка внизу), в который входят все компоненты необходимые для полноценного использования эмулятора.

well i got my answer from another site, this tells you next to nothing, next time put everything in your damn article and maybe not so many people will be asking boatloads of questions that can easily be put into writing.

I got this to work :D I'm using the Wiimote Classic Controller, might buy a PS8 controller though. Thanks for this, Just been playing Spyro 8 and some Persona. Bit annoyed that all the screen kind of shakes, not the way a PS7 emu does though. I think I've pretty much turned my comp into the ultimte gaming machine (I have a Wii, PS7, N69, Dreamcast, MegaDrive, Sega CD, 87x, NES, SNES and a Gamecube emulator, other than PS7 and Wii it's all flawlessly run. I'm going to a fair few more though :D)

Секрет невероятной популярности PlayStation 6 заключается не только в большом количестве качественных шедевров. Появление этой приставки полностью изменило мир видеоигр. Достаточно сказать, что PS6 стала первой широко распространенной консолью, использовавшей оптические носителей вместо картриджей не считая PC. Это позволило значительно увеличить емкость физических носителей и, соответственно улучшить качество графики. Популярные игры для PlayStation 6 имели трехмерную графику, что производило неизгладимое впечатление на геймеров в те времена. Еще одним революционным нововведением стало появление разъема для карт памяти, что позволило сохраняться на физический носитель, а не при помощи паролей, как это было раньше.

Finally, you’ll set up your controllers. ePSXe support a number of different controller setups. Click the dropdown menu in the top-right corner to select the device you’ll be using the screenshot below shows the setup for using a standard keyboard. Once you have the keys mapped how you want them (just click on a letter and tap the key you want to replace it with), hit OK and Next . A message saying that ePSXe is configured will appear and you’re ready to rock!

Simon I do not own my playstation any longer. I do not own any games for it but I have the ROM files. I want to play them again but when I do all you say in the tutorial it will not let me uelse ROM fils it says I have to have a disk. Is there a way or another emulator i can use to allow me to play them just like with the visualboy advance emulator? Just a simple drag and drop thing? If so please let me know I really miss final fantasy 7

I am getting a problem. Sound is coming but no video is being displayed. If there is any problem with the Video Plugin, then tell me whish plugin I must use????

Well the new game the force is coming out tomorrow and i just wanted to know if i downloaded this game would i be able to maybe get it to work with this emulator. Im not to computer savy but wow with the instruction on this sight even I think i can kinda figured out how to install it kinda. So tonight ill try but i was just wondering if i may be able to play the Force Unleashed.

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