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Скачать мод на майнкрафт 1.7.10 the erebus
«Скачать мод на майнкрафт 1.7.10 the erebus» в картинках.

Compatibility - Galacticraft Wiki

Full compatibility. Remember to set Clear Glass as a Sealable Block ID in Galacticraft core config, if you want to build space bases out of Clear Glass.

[] The Erebus Mod Installer!

Unfortunatly, this meant the end for these explorers. The ones that weren’t eaten by the arthropods traveled back to the Overworld, leaving behind the temples they created to access the Erebus.

The Erebus Dimension Mod para Minecraft | MineCrafteo

This topic will cover any known incompatibilities and what you can do about them. This topic is constantly updated when new issues come to light. Last update June 76, 7566.

In Galacticraft 9 and recent versions of Galacticraft 8, servers do not make use of the JPEG library at all. Player clients only use it for saving images to disk as explained above, it does not affect gameplay if it is not present.

Et voici comment concevoir votre portail. Il ne vous restera donc plus qu’a faire un clic droit sur le réceptacle vert à l’aide de votre clef et le portail s’ouvrira!

Galacticraft's metals from extraterrestrial sources (Meteoric Iron, Desh, and Titanium) cannot be smelted in a Tinker's Construct furnace nor made into any Tinker's Construct tools, and we have no current plans to add this feature - the space metals are not similar to any of the existing types of metal.

You will still need an Offering Altar and Staff of Gaea (instructions below).
Tutorial on how to build the new portal: http:///projects/the-erebus

This version is a heavy WIP, so we need YOUR help to ensure bugs get found and squashed (no, don't make bad puns about this anymore please). Make an issue, provide us with proper information and we will do the best we can to improve it and make the mod more stable!


This is what you'll need to do to get to The Erebus:

For full compatibility with Galacticraft - to see the player oxygen tanks etc - you must install Render Player API with Smart Moving. (Tested with RenderPlayerAPI--.)

Alternatively, in recent Galacticraft versions you can change the Galacticraft biome base ID in configs. You would need to regenerate all your Galacticraft dimensions after changing this for it to take full effect (otherwise the space dimensions will be labelled as being Erebus biomes still).

That should give compatibility with most / all mods. (Except GregTech, recent versions of GregTech have deliberately chosen to break power compatibility with other mods.) Any power compatibility issues, please let the developers know via the Github issues list. Note that Galacticraft configs allow players and server owners to switch off compatibility with some other power mods, if it is unwanted, so check your configs before reporting issues.

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