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03.02.2018 12:15

Скачать мод на майнкрафт 1.7.10 на големов
«Скачать мод на майнкрафт 1.7.10 на големов» в картинках.

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Fool’s Ruby Golems can now be created in any size! Depending on how tall the body, the golem gets bigger and bigger. When attacked, Fool's Ruby Golems like to defend in groups and will gather nearby Fool's Ruby Golem friends for help.

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Zectium golems are invincible to all types of explosions. Because of this explosive proof property, they are able to attack creepers unlike any other type of golem.

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The latest Base Metal Golems includes an ore-dict check, although I suppose not many people have both of those installed. I will look into making an addon to Substratum (if only because it adds Enderium, and golems that teleport are fun :D )

Adamite golems are the only golems of the bunch that are attracted to water. When an Adamite golem swims in water, he becomes faster and his health regenerates slowly. Adamite golems are very useful when fending off sharks.

Adamite dungeons are home to the Torpedo Shark. These little, yellow sharks only spawn in Adamite dungeons and are super fast when targeting their prey.

Adamite Dungeons spawn in the depths of the ocean. These ruin-filled dungeons carry loot along with a plethora of sharks.

Q: Why do I not see CrazyOres stuff in my world?
A: Make sure to either create a new world, or walk to unexplored chunks in order to find new ores. If this is still not the issue, make sure the CrazyOres file is in your “mods” directory. Also, make sure that the most recent recommended version of Minecraft Forge for Minecraft is installed.

Ruby Ore : Ruby ore needs sapphire or better to be mined. Look closely before mining ruby ore because it might be Fool's Ruby! Diamond needs ruby ore to be mined.

Mutant Creatures is a mod created by thehippomaster which add 5 mutant variants/versions of some already existing mobs.

Once the furnace reaches this state, it is extremely hard to regain control over the furnace and explosion is very likely.

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