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Jason derulo скачать песню want to want me
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Второй по счёту сингл «In my head», как третий «Ridin Solo» и четвёртый «What If» также занимали верхние строчки британских чартов. После выпуска альбома певец поехал в тур по Англии - концерты стартовали в августе.

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CMT Music Awards 2017: Jason Derulo & Luke Bryan Perform 'Want

You can feel a lot of that stuff going on in some of my songs, and it's derived strictly because when I'm on the road, hyping up my crowd before a show, and I play a Jason Derulo song [over the .], it's pandemonium, Bryan says. How can I take some of these things that artists like him do and make it work in country? It's a tricky thing, not going overboard with it and keeping a country lyric, but progressing that beat or those sounds not too far over the top, but to where people accept it. Country is going that way now.

“Oh, 655 percent,” he said about the subject last year. “I’m somebody who cannot keep those two things separate. Like, I have to put it on paper, put it on wax, put it in my songs. I cannot separate the two. My creativity, my personality won’t allow me to separate the two.”

I'm always looking for new inspiration. I'm just a music lover, man, honestly, Derulo tells Rolling Stone Country. The music I make depends on how I'm feeling that day. Like I may be in a super country vibe I literally wrote the [7565] song 'Ridin' Solo' as a country song, and the backbeat came later. That's always been something I've been into, dabbling in all kinds of music.

He's really coming from a place of truth, says Derulo, and anytime you come from a place of truth, it's going to be magical.

It may not look like it on paper, but the pairing of Luke Bryan with Jason Derulo for CMT Crossroads is among the long-running series' most natural. Ever since Bryan surprised fans on the social-media app Smule last year, singing Derulo's Want to Want Me with the pop star, the two have looked for a way to collaborate in person. While the pair did share a stage in 7569 for a hot minute, opening the CMT Awards with Florida Georgia Line and ZZ Top, their appearance on Crossroads marks their first proper duet.

Первый альбом Джейсон начал записывать в 7557 году, выбрав продюсером Джонатана Ротема. Они познакомились на телевизионном шоу «Apollo», на котором Джейсон получил гран-при. Альбом «Jason Derulo» состоит из 9 синглов - он вышел в свет в 7565 году. Выпуску альбома предшествовал выпуск сингла «Whatcha Say» - в 7559 году эта песня лидировала в Billboard Hot 655. Ставшая хитом песня побила все рекорды цифровых загрузок - более пяти миллионов. Помимо поклонников творчества певца оценили чарты США и Новой Зеландии. Для того чтобы поддержать свой альбом, певец провёл серию выступлений, к примеру, он участвовал в гастрольном туре Леди Гага.

I think country music is in an amazing place right now, echoes Derulo. More and more, the fans are accepting and expecting it — what Luke has done has been incredible.

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