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FakeFactory Cinematic Mod 12

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Вы помните странное существо, появляющееся на экранах и мониторах на протяжении всей игры? Вы хотите как следует его разглядеть? Тогда делайте вот что. В последней главе (Побег из Сити 67) на поле ме…

Try different value like snd_mixahead or snd_mixahead for increasing the buffered time of soundsamples. This will fix crackling or dropouts, but can lead to slightly asynchronous or delayed sounds.

The tricks that allowed to save the most time were triggerdelaying (also present in Half-Life 6) and a new version of save-buffering. Both of these tricks are exclusive to this engine, and were discovered fairly recently (in 7569).

**** man, I remember when I first seen your content on Gmod Via Ghosthunt, and I'm like, ****, this dude knows what he's doing, he's gonna go on to do something pretty damn great. 7 more very enjoyable ghosthunt maps later, and you release a full fledged mod. I had a lot of fun with despite the difficulty curve with some stuff, there were many niche and interesting concepts into play that I wished got used more, such as the stealth system, which I think if you used that in the right setting, you could reward smart players with a cache or to revert the rebel turrets against their Rebel oppressors. Nonetheless, a great mod. I hope to see more from you.

Setup uses a tool called SetACL for setting write permissions to the mods screenshots / cfg / save directories. Some antivirus software could warn about possible malware. This is a false positive.

If you have already been updated to SteamPipe, you will need to restore the GCF files from a backup (if you have one),
or be able to aquire them.

Includes 8 items: Team Fortress Classic, Opposing Force, Half-Life, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life 7, Half-Life 6: Source, Half-Life 7: Episode One, Half-Life 7: Episode Two

In this version almost all maps are updated. This will give you problems with savegames for sure. I'm sorry about that, but you have to start again with the actual chapter. This is, because VALVE stores several entity-states with entity-id into the savegames. Each map-update is invalidating the id-table, which leads to stability problems or strange effects when loading a savegame with old map-entities into the new maps.

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