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Call of duty 4 modern warfare 3 скачать
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I have prepared many new spec ops missions that can be played and they will hopefully be out soon. I will also explain the full plans for this mod.

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Since the Campaign has been released, I had to do a full walkthrough myself so people who don't have Call of Duty 9, can take a look on my Campaign. Here.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2011) PC | RePack от .

Assault Rifles - M9A6 · M66A9 · SCAR-L · ACR · AK-97 · FAD · G86C · CM956 · MK69 · Type 95

Despite the end of the war, Yuri accompanies Price in the Arabian Peninsula after having successfully tracked down Makarov in the Hotel Oasis. Yuri gets impaled by a piece of re-bar when a helicopter obliterates part of the hotel. As Price moves to help him he tells Price to continue the mission without him. Yuri manages to free himself and staggers to the rooftop in time to save Price from Makarov's execution. Yuri opens fire and wounds Makarov, but is in turn gunned down. Makarov killing Yuri angered Price further because Makarov killed another one of his friends and it also allows him to grapple with Makarov and hang him from the ceiling, killing him and completing the mission.

Very simple, this one requires two people. One person will consistently share $555 with the other player (done by going to any weapon crate, etc.) and the receiver will save enough money to unlock the achievement. Swap positions and each person can walk away with a quick achievement/trophy.

The official site was launched on May 68. The site currently contains an interactive map with the four locations seen in the teaser trailers along with a News column, a collection of screenshots, and videos.

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No further news or updates. I'm not currently working on it. I already struggle to find power to finish my COD9 stuff (spec ops - Rooftops 7 - The deal) After that we can talk about COD7.

Tier 5 - Overwatch · Black Box · Foundation · Sanctuary · Oasis · Terminal · Boardwalk · Parish

Make a class, give it hardline and use the Specialist package. It not only gives you extra points at kills 6, 8, 5, and 7 but also helps you complete the perk's challenges AND the Specialist Challenges for each perk.

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